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Great Talent... the rest are details.


Chloe is a British Actress from the Midlands who recently starred in the UK tour of An Inspector Calls; the multi award winning production for the National Theatre by Stephen Daldry. Playing Sheila Birling   

Film & Television credits include; 'Dysphoria', 'Limbo', 'Incognito Romeo', 'Green River Bend', 

Chloe trained at the London Academy of Dramatic Art.


Sean is a Canadian / British Actor. Based in Toronto. Sean's Film & Television credits include; '211' with Nicolas Cage, The action thriller ; Adams in 'The Hardy Boys', 'The Most Dangerous Game', 'Hudson and Rex', 'Murdock Mysteries',  'Frankie & Drake',  'Kingsman; The Golden Circle.' Sean trained at the London Academy of Dramatic Art. 


Juliet is a French / British Actress / Producer

Film & Television credits include; 'About Emma', 'Drain', 'I Thank The State' (nominated for Best Actress), 'Close to you', 'Single Room Female Preferred', 'It's OK', 'Des Gants Our La Nuque'  

Juliet trained at Mountview Academy & Cours Florent Paris.


Pierre is a French bilingual English Actor 

Film & Television credits include; 'The Crown' Netflix , 'The Absence of Your Smiling face', 'Les fantômes du Havre', 'Le jeune français'

Pierre trained at The London Academy of Dramatic Art.