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Chloe Orrock
Jordan Palmer
Caroline Askew
Juliet Kennedy
Briar Knowles
Jennifer Guy
Olivia Valler-Feltham
Ollie Dickens
Loic Forest
Pierre Philippe
Sean James
Tim Jennings
Saudiq Baoku
Charlie Salvage
Ben Kelleher


Chloe is a British Actress from the Midlands currently starring in the UK tour of An Inspector Calls; the multi award winning production for the National Theatre by Stephen Daldry. Playing Sheila Birling  (dates & tickets)

Film & Television credits include; 'Dysphoria', 'Limbo', 'Incognito Romeo', 'Green River Bend', 

Chloe trained at the London Academy of Dramatic Art.


Sean is a Canadian / British Actor. Based in Toronto. Sean's Film & Television credits include; '211' with Nicolas Cage, The action thriller 'The Most Dangerous Game', 'Hudson and Rex', 'Murdock Mysteries',  'Frankie & Drake',  'Kingsman; The Golden Circle.'

Sean trained at the London Academy of Dramatic Art. 


Juliet is a French / British Actress / Producer

Film & Television credits include; 'About Emma', 'Drain', 'I Thank The State' (nominated for Best Actress), 'Close to you', 'Single Room Female Preferred', 'It's OK', 'Des Gants Our La Nuque'  

Juliet trained at Mountview Academy & Cours Florent Paris.


Pierre is a French bilingual English Actor 

Film & Television credits include; 'The Crown' Netflix , 'The Absence of Your Smiling face', 'Les fantômes du Havre', 'Le jeune français'

Pierre trained at The London Academy of Dramatic Art.


Jennifer Guy is a Leading British Actress

Film & Television credits include; 'Willow', 'Cave Girl', 'Ham & The Piper', 'Phantom of The Opera', 'Alfie Darling', 'Biggles adventures in Time', 'Billie; Girl of the future', 'Harry & Cosh', 'Birds of a Feather', 'Without a Clue', to name a few.


Loïc is a French bilingual English Actor

Film & Television credits include; 'The Loophole', 'L'appui Et Le Tir' 'Metal Detector', 'Les Yeux de Lucie', 'Trauma',

'Sur La Route Des Symbles Francais'.

Loïc trained at The London Academy of Dramatic Art


Caroline is an American /(duel) French bilingual Actress and Producer based in Texas. Film & Television credits include; Starring -  'In The Absence of Her Smiling Face',  'Stan and Gloria', 'Inheritence', 'Romeo and Juliet are Dead', 'Shoes', 'Trojan War'.

Caroline trained at The London Academy of Dramatic Art & Cours Florent (Paris)


Tim is a British Actor

Film & Television credits include; 'The Sickness', 'Being Dad', 'Raluf Petimou: An Interview' (Pilot), 'Your Food is in Bad Hands', 'Return of The Don', Autopsy; The Last Hours of..' (playing Johnny Depp), 'Diana and Actaeon', 'Blood and Coffee'

Tim trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (youth company)


Briar is a Canadian Actress based in London with UK ancestry.

Film & Television credits include; 'Videre', 'Drain', 'Safe Space', 'Systemic', 'Infested (season 2)', Stage; 'Loves Labours Lost', 'Still I See My Baby'

Briar trained at Mountview Academy


Ollie is a British Actor

Film & Television credits include; 'World of Darkness', 'Green River Bend'  Theatre - 'The Duchess Of Malfi' ' Galveston, Dickens on The Strand', 'Blood Wedding', 'Dracula' 'Comedy Of Errors', 'Three Sisters', 'Hedda Gabbler'.

Ollie trained at The London Academy of Dramatic Art and is a direct descendent of Charles Dickens.


Jordan is a British Actress Dancer & Choreographer from South London.

Film & Television credits include; 'Last Orders', 'The Swan' - Theatre credits include; 'One Night Of Tina', 'Thriller Live' West End (UK & International Tour / also Dance Captain)


Ben is a British Actor 

Film & Television credits include; 'Ready Player One', 'Wonder Woman', 'Dumbo', 'The Nutcracker and The Four Realms', 'The Crown', 'No Trace'

Ben trained at Kingston University